ESTD: 1886

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Executive Wing

The executive wing of the Corporation is known as administration. The Chief Executive of the Corporation is Municipal Commissioner, who is a senior government officer deputed by the State Government to run the administration of the Corporation. The Commissioner is assisted by Joint Commissioner Administration; in town planning assisted by joint Commissioner (Planning), and in works by Joint Commissioner (Works).

Name of the Commissioner  Service Carder belong to  Date from which deputed/appointed 
Dr. Shafqat Khan   


Joint Commissioner (Adm.)   
Joint Commissioner (Planning)   
Joint Commissioner (Works)   

Municipal Secretary:

The Council and Committees are assisted by Municipal Secretary & his Chief Reporter, in its proceedings and functioning.

Municipal Secretary   
Chief Reporter   


Mayor and Dy.Mayor is assisted by the following officers:-

Private Secretary to Mayor   
Pvt. Secretary to Deputy Mayor   

Private Secretary to Commissioner   

Administrative Structure:

The administrative structure of the Municipal Corporation consists upon:

Accounts and Finance  I Chief Accounts Officer 
General Administration :  I Senior Administrative Officer 
    II Assistant Secretary (Per.) 
    III Assistant Secretary (Gen.) 
    IV Election NaibTehsildar  
Town Planning  I Divisional Town Planner (L) 
    II Divisional Town Planner (R) 
    III Asstt. Town Planner 
Works:  I Executive Engineer  
    II Executive Engineer (L) 
    III Executive Engineer (Mech.) 
    IV Assistant Executive Engineer 
    V Assistant Executive Engineer 
    VI Assistant Executive Engineer 
    VII Assistant Executive Engineer 
    VIII Assistant Executive Engineer 
    IX Assistant Executive Engineer 
    X Assistant Executive Engineer 
    XI Assistant Executive Engineer 
    XII Assistant Executive Engineer 
Public Health & Sanitation:  I Health Officer 
    II Chief Sanitation Officer 
    III Sanitation Officer 
    IV Transport Officer 
    V Veterinary Officer 
Drainage:  I Superintending Engineer 
    II Executive Engineer (CDC) 
    III Executive Engineer (S&D-II) 
    IV Executive Engineer (CDM) 
    V A.E.E. 
    VI A.E.E. 
    VII A.E.E. 
    VIII A.E.E. 
    IX A.E.E. 
    X A.E.E. 
    XI A.E.E. 
    XII A.E.E. 
Revenue & Estates:  I Chief Revenue Officer 
    II Revenue Officer 
    III Estates Officer 
Building Enforcement:  I Chief Khilafwarzi Officer 
    II Khilafwarzi Officer (L) 
    III Khilafwarzi Officer  
    IV Additional Khilafwarzi Officer 
Legal Service:  I Senior Standing Council (HC) 
    II Standing Counsel (DC) 
    III Standing Counsel (MM) 
    IV Standing Counsel (Tribunal) 
10  Law Division:  I Sr. Law Officer 
    II Law Officer 
11  Purchase & Stores:  I Chief Stores Officer 
    II Purchase & Proc. Officer 
12  Solid Waste Management:  I Solid Waste Mngt. Officer 
13  Information Technology:  I Informatics Officer 
14  Statistical & Planning:  I Deputy Director (Planning) 
    II Statistical Officer