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Achabal Gardens

Achabal Garden

Mughal Garden, Achabal, Anantnag

This garden is believed to be laid by Nur Jahan wife of Jahangir in 1620 A.D. It is situated about 62 Km south of Srinagar. It is watered by an ancient and once sacred spring from the adjacent hillside. All its pavilions are Kashmiri in character. Fountains in water channels spray and splash and cascades tumble presenting a romantic view. The garden covers an area of about 6.20 ha.

Achabal is located at the foot of a forested hill, 8 km from Anantnag and 56 km from Srinagar Resting at the foot of a hill with a row of majestic chinars framing it, the garden of Achabal is a visual delight. They embody all that goes to make a Mughal Garden- stepped terraces, formal elegance , ornamental shrubs, sparkling fountains and falling water.



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