ESTD: 1886

>>Zonal‚ Ward & Divisional Set Up

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Sr. No.
1Frequency of street sweeping282.55
2Frequency of Major Roads sweeping232.09
3House to House collection garbage adoption282.55
4Frequency of Collection of Garbage from interiors403.64
5Frequency of collection of Waste from Hospitals and other institutions 343.09
6Frequency of collection of garbage from marks and other Business centers272.45
7Frequency of Lifting of Garbage 403.64
8Frequency of Disposal of Garbage393.55
9Club Sanitation performance 403.64
10Club Sanitation Participation 393.55
11Public private participation 211.91
12Septic tank clearance 383.45
13Frequency of liquid waste disposal 232.09
14Sanitary measures 292.64
15Sanitary programs to keep the city the clean 282.55
16Cleanliness and clearance of drains 232.09
17Clearance of public latrines and urinals 363.27
18Termination of Dangerous dogs 211.91
19Sterilization of Street dogs 232.09
20Building Permission applied 333
21Building Permission approved Residential/Commercial/Govt./ Institutional 363.27
22Building Permission rejected272.45
23Building Permission deferred222
24Building Permission actually issued 322.91
25Raising of construction under proper permission 322.91
26B&D Events registered 272.45
27B&D certificates issued 292.64
28No in-availability issued 393.55
29Street light Provided 252.27
30Street lights repaired/maintained 353.18
31Works tendered by Works Divisions 383.45
32Works taken in hand by Works Divisions 201.82
33Beautification of City 232.09
34Works completed by Works Divisions 312.82
35On going major Projects 333
36Prevention of Food Adulteration –programs322.91
37Food Licensing 272.45
38Revenue collected on account of Services provided.282.55
39Revenue on account of Building permission 292.64
40Revenue collection on account of Rents from Municipal assets.222
41Budget expenditures in major activities etc. 242.18
42Curbing of Illegal constructions/Encroachments 282.55