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Building activities and Building Permissions Guide

The J&K Building Operation Control Act 1988 provides an Authority, which grants permissions and regulates the building activities within the city. The Municipal Commissioner, is its Ex-officio Chairman and presently. The Town Planning is under the control of a Senior Town Planner (Joint Commissioner, Planning) assisted by two Divisional Town Planners one for Right River City and another for Left River City. All the Building permission are processed and finalized by the Building Section, which is headed by Section Officer. The BOCA meeting chaired by the Commissioner is attended by representatives from Srinagar Development Authority, Revenue Department, Electric Department, PHE Department and others, decides the grant/rejection of building permission for residential, commercial, semi-commercial, institutional religious, education  purposes etc., purely on merit basis, as per relevant rules and regulations.
        Necessity/ Importance of Building Permission
In order to achieve a balanced and a cohesive growth and development of the Srinagar City it is prime conscientiousness/responsibility for every citizen to not raise any kind of construction without obtaining the proper permission form the competent authority. It has been experienced that unauthorized construction/illegal construction, encroachments develop the City in a haphazard and undeveloped manner with the result it devastate the city development program. It is experienced while disasters like earthquake, fire, etc. these un-planned/haphazard colonies mostly effect. Due to these illegal/unauthorized construction and encroachments the people live in deterioration of environmental standards and face health and mental problems. The environmental conservation is very essential for the City in view of its geographical structure having close-netted water bodies and environmentally sensitive places. As such, we should to come forward for preservation of heritages of the City, as the city is one of the important cities with respect to cultural heritages, social heritage and architectural heritages. With the growing trend throughout the world for preservation of heritage cities, Srinagar City is the best example with varied aspect, which can be put together to give a new dimensions of the City with respect to regulation of building activities of the city in planned manner.
        How and to whom apply:
Every person intending to undertake or carry out the development of any site in any Municipal area of Srinagar or erect or re-erect any building or make a extend any evacuation or lay out any means of access to a road in such area or materially alter a building or conduct repairs to any building shall give notice of intention in writing in the prescribed format/from and paying Rs. 300 for registration fee. The said application shall be supported with the following documents:-

  1. Twelve (12) Copies each of building/site plans drawn and signed by Architect registered with Counsel of Architect or by Drafts-man registered with the authority constituted for Srinagar  under J&K Control Building Operations Act, 1988, one copy of such plan must be dully endorsed by the Assistant Commissioner, Nazool and or A.C. Revenue and custodian in case of evacuee immovable property.
  2. The Verification of land by Assistant Commissioner, Nazool in case of State land/Assistant Commissioner Revenue in other cases with following latest revenue documents:
    1. Shajra-Khasra
    2. Intikhabi-Dirdawari
    3. Intikhabi-Jamabandi
    4. Sale deed/gift deed

3.  No objection certificate of Power Development Department, Urban Environmental Engineer Department, Public Health Engineering Department and Lakes and Water Ways Department, Srinagar Development Authority, etc.(depends upon case to case)
The Corporation keeping in view the grievances by the public through press and other sources simplified the process of registering, processing and issuing the building permissions. Accordingly, if No Objection is not received with the stipulated period the permission is placed before the Building Permission Controlling Authority for sanction at the risk and responsibility of the concerned department. This steps has been appreciated by the public in general.
For the first time, the department has proposed obtaining of “Completion Certificate” from the concerned Officers and the public has been notified through press about the submission of completion certificates. This has been done to avoid illegal constructions and violation of sanctioned and approved plan. Similarly, the Public Health Engineering Department and Power Development have been asked not give any water connection/electric connection before completion certificate from Corporation is issued.

Fee Structure :

A. Registration
For residential house
Residential house having one shop in ground floor
For commercial building
For petty permission (i.e. Repairs, re-roofing and walling)
Rs. 500.00 per house
Rs. 1000.00 per house
Rs. 5000.00 per building
Rs. 200.00
B. Construction Fee for Residential Buildings
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor
Rs. 5.00 per Sft.
Rs. 4.00 per Sft.
Rs. 4.00 per Sft.
C. Construction Fee for Commerical Building
Ground Floor
1st Floor
2nd Floor and above
Rs. 10.00 per Sft
Rs. 50.00 per Sft
Rs. 50.00 per Sft
Rs. 40.00 per Sft
D. Miscellaneous
Compound Walling
Repaires for Residential Houses
Govt./ Semi Govt. Hospitals/ Schools
Recovery of Debris lifting charges
Rs. 8.00 per Rft
Rs. 50.00 per Rft
Rs. 10.00 per Sft
Rs. 2000.00

Implementation of Building Permission

Implementation of Building Permission is one of the core responsibilities of the Corporation which is being looked after by the Chief Revenue Officer who is being assisted by Four Khalafwarzi Officers at Zonal level i.e North, South, East and West. The City is divided into 34 wards and all theses Wards officer, who are assisted by Building Inspectors and Sanitary Supervisors at subordinate level supervises each ward with respect to regulation of building activities and keep strict vigil to disallow the deviations. However, a portion of the City is being monitored by the Lakes and Waterways Development Authority, with the result some wards not exercise the powers of regulation of building activities like Ward 1,2,12 and portion of ward 2,4,11 and 16 etc.





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