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Bulbul Sahib

Bulbul Sahib

Hazrat Sharaf-ud-Din Abdul Rehman Bulbul Shah laid foundation of Sufi and secular culture of Kashmir in the year 1320 A.D. historians, scholars and intellectuals are of the opinion that like other great civilizations of the world. The origin of Sufi civilization of Kashmir worldwide known as Kashmiriyat lies in the philosophy of brotherhood and mutual love respectability as propagated by Bulbul Shah commonly known as Amir-i-Kashmir and Baadashah-i-Kashmir. Wheather he was actually born in Kashmir and later on received religious education in Turkistan and Bhagdad or he was actually born in Turkistan and later on visited Kashmir where he permanently stayed till his death is subject to various scholarly opinions. However, it is clear that like other great Sufi saints of Kashmir his grave and shrine is present in the Valley.

During the time of Bulbul Shah three distinguished religions Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam had impact in Asia. Bulbul Shah propagated synthesis of all three religions and introduced message of peace as enshrined in Islam in such a manner that all luminaries of Hinduism and Buddhism were influenced by him, particularly Prince of Kashgar and Ladakh Rinchen Shah who is known as Renzu Shah as per history written by Khawja Dedmari, G.M.D. Sufi's "Kashier" page 119 and other chronicles.

Renzu Shah was born Warrior, brave bold and protector of people. He had heared about miseries of Kashmir which was plundered and ravaged by Mangols and Tatar's under tyrant commander Dulcha. Dulcha had ordered burning of Srinagar, raping of women and killing of entire men folk. King of Kashmir Samha Deva escaped out of fear. It was Renzu Shah Ranchana who saved people from tyranny and was titled as lion among men (Sher-i-Kashmir). The title symbolizing Kashmiriyat was given to other great leaders of Kashmir as a symbol of being protector of people. Impressed by bravery and people friendly approach of Renzu Shah, Hazrat Bulbul Shah blessed the king. He adopted Islam under the influence of Bulbul Shah alongwith his Ministers and majority of the subjects. The Valley after span of terror let loose by Tartars, witnessed era of tranquility, love and peace during period of Bulbul Shah and Renzu Shah who assumed the name of Sultan Sadar-ud-Din. His son Khawja Hyder instead of Kingship preferred Sufi way of life.

As per research conducted by scholars and historians Bulbul Shah was accompanied with other pious saints particularly Bulbul Kamal-ud-Din, whose grave is between Chakoti and Uri road, Bulbul Jalal-ud-Din whose grave is between Harwan Buddhist Monastery and Nishat Garden and Hazrat Kamal Sahib who was buried just out side the palace of King Renzu Shah. The Palace of King is presently constructed as college and new Women's College building has been converted at the ancestral site, while as graves of both Bulbul Shah and Renzu Shah (Rinchana) are located at Bulbul Lankar Nawa Kadal, on the other side of the Palace. The Bulbul Shah's shrine is first Muslim Sufi shrine of Kashmir which has its intellectual influence upto Kashgar.


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