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The SMC has indeed a vast Mandate ,However, presently only the following functions are being undertaken by the Corporation in view of non-transfer of various Line Departments to SMC through the enactment of Municipal Corporation Act-2000 by the Government :-

  • The Construction, maintenance and cleaning of drains and drainage works, (except certain pockets, being looked after by UEED) and of public latrines, urinals and similar conveniences.

  • The Construction and maintenance of works.

  • The Scavenging, removal and disposal of filth rubbish and other obnoxious or polluted matters.

  • The reclamation of unhealthy of unhealthily localities, the removal of noxious vegetation and generally the abatement of all nuisances.

  • The regulation of places for the disposal of dead and the provision and maintenance of place for said purpose.

  • The Construction and maintenance of Cattle ponds.

  • The lighting and cleaning of public streets and other places.

  • Regulation of the trade and offensive or dangerous trades or practices.

  • The construction, maintenance of municipal markets and the regulation thereof;

  • Birth & Death registration and certification.

  • The securing or removal of dangerous buildings and places.

  • Regulation of land and construction of buildings.

  • The removal or obstruction and projections in or upon streets, bridges and other public places.

  • The naming and numbering of streets and premises.

  • The maintenance of municipal offices;

  • The maintenance and development of the value of all property vested in or existed with the management of the Corporation.

  • Planting and care of trees on roadside etc.

  • Survey of building and lands.

Therefore, in respect of these the:-

  • Corporation is providing better sanitation and trying its best to arrive at the public expectations as at present a feet of about 100 vehicles is deployed for disposal of 300 to 400 tones of garbage and refuse generated per day in the city, collection and disposal of liquid waste and lifting of stray animals daily to maintain sanitation. But the existing staff of 2108 Safia Karamcharies as against required 4032 is not sufficient to cater the requirements, which obviously affects the overall performance of the Corporation. Accordingly, the Corporation explored possibility of privatizing the sanitation by introducing sanitation clubs and at present 150 such sanitation clubs are functional.

  • Corporation also undertakes the development of civil works under various schemes and programs in the Srinagar City that includes construction/up gradation/maintenance of lanes, by lanes, surface and lateral drains, public latrines, urinals, culverts, community halls etc. and also undertakes creation of municipal assets and complexes to augment revenue of the Corporation. Two Executive Engineer i.e. Right River and Left River divisions are supervising and executing of civil works the same to the best expectations of the public.

  • Corporation facilitates installation of sodium vapor and high mast lights as a part of street lighting in interior streets and important places.

  • Corporation through its Drainage Divisions (already transferred to the Corporation) also serve to provide drainage facilities to the Srinagar City under different schemes of the Drainage Circle. The Superintending Engineer and three Divisions are looking after and supervising the execution and are also maintaining & cleaning the drains & disposal of storm water within their jurisdiction.

  • Corporation keeping in view the grievances by the public through press and other sources simplified the process of registering, processing and issuing the building permissions while, during the last two years the tendencies of illegal construction/encroachments on state land have been curbed to a large extent by undertaking various demolition operations. Accordingly, for the first time the department of Public Health Engineering, PDD have been asked not to give any water connection/electric connection before completion certificate from the Corporation is issued to achieve a balanced and a cohesive growth and development of the Srinagar City.

  • Corporation is in the process of introducing Double Entry Accounting System.

  • Corporation has, in the pipeline, the reforms of its administrative area, service delivery system to develop the Corporation as an organization which would help in improving management efficiency, effectiveness in quality services and sustainability.

  • Corporation is likely to impose property tax and user charges in Srinagar City in a phased manner for recovery of operation and management cost of the services being provided to the citizens.

  • Corporation has also taken appropriate measures to computerize the working system in SMC, this will enable to monitor day-to-day activities and generate reports a t lower level management and accordingly in the first phase B&D Section will be computerized. This parallel environment is being created to familiarize with use of computers in the municipal areas to do the routine office work.


Presently functions and its respective services being provided to the citizens of Srinagar city:

  1. Solid Waste Management & sanitation :

    1. Drainage and sewage
      1. Development of Storm Dr
      2. Maintenance of existing Drain
      3. Dewatering facility at fixed sites
      4. Mobile Dewatering facilities
      5. Cleanliness and clearance of drains

    2. Compost
      1. Development of Public convenience (latrines / drains)


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