ESTD: 1886

>>Zonal‚ Ward & Divisional Set Up

General Information


IT Support

Public Support

Public Services

Public Health and Sanitation

 Public Health Sanitation and Solid Waste

Birth & Death
     Procedures and Application Forms

  • Registration Of Birth
  • Registration Of Death
  • Registration Of Still Birth
  • Birth Certificate /Death Certificate
  • Birth Registration Correction
  • Death Registration Correction
  • Non Availability  Certificate for Birth / Death Registration

Food License
Procedures and Application Forms
Sanitation and Solid waste Management

Non Paying Service

The service as have been OR BEING rendered without charges shall continue to be provided free in some identified areas till the SMC likely to implement its program

  • Street Sweeping .
  • Cleaning of Surface Drains.
  • Removal of Slit/filth from underground drain/manholes.
  • Sanitation Drive Programs.
  • Provision of litterbins/trash bins.
  • Provision of dustbins, containers.
  • Collection and shifting of street garbage from interior to large containers.
  • Temporary storage.
  • Transportation.
  • Conservation.

Paying Services
The paying services as is being offered by the corporation shall continued to be rendered on payment

  • Arrangement for street sweeping for a colony, Molalla /village under sanitation Club Schemes.
  • Special sanitation drive for government /public or business sector
  • Clearance of septic tank (providing Night soil/Sloop Water vehicle) Club Schemes
  • Lifting of garbage from public /Govt. /Private Site by providing of vehicle.
  • Providing of road roller to Govt. /public /private.
  • Providing of Fogging machine to Govt. /public /private.
  • Primary collection Garbage
    • Sales of bins to household/Business concerns
    • Providing of garbage bin to (essential service like hospitals or other Govt. /public /private. sector)

Revenue & Estates
Trade License & Plate Registration:-

  • New shop/Business Establishment Registration $ License for business/profession/New Shop for legal business premises.
  • New shop/Business Establishment Registration $ License for business/profession for temporary stall holders, festivals, exhibition etc.
  • New shop/Business Registration & License for Business/Profession for un- authorized   business premises.
  • New Offensive trade License.
  • Permission for change of Business//Professional.
  • Permission for license transfer under selling of business, partnership and by other means
  • Issuance of duplicate license.
  • Permission for adding partners or reducing partners
  • Renewal of all licenses.
  • Tariff.

Advertisement Permissions

Rent holders;
Shop Rent                              (Lists, Instructions and notices)
T.G Rent                                (-do-)