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Roles and Responsibilities

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation has to discharge multifarious duties and functions to provide civic facilities to the residents of Srinagar City as also to the floating population, which come to Srinagar for different purposes. The Corporation is trying its best by utilizing its available resources, both men and machinery, to provide at least basic civic amenities/facilities, if not what the Corporation is generally supposed to. In view of its limited internal resources the Government is providing necessary funds/grant in aid to the Corporation for maintaining its day to day affairs.

As at present the Corporation is controlled, supervised, looked after and administered by;



The Commissioner is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, & Head of the Department. All executive powers vested in him and all other officers assist him under delegation of powers. He is also the Chairman of Building Operations Controlling Authority and Principal City Census Officer.

Joint Commissioners (Adm.)

The Joint Commissioner (Adm.) deals with general administration, revenue and estates, personnel administration. He also functions as City Census Officer and Public Information Officer.

Joint Commissioner (Works)

The Joint Commissioner (works) deals with the civil works of the Corporation, who is assisted by Executive Engineers (Right and Left Divisions.

Joint Commissioner (Town Planning)

The Joint Commissioner (Town Planning) deals with town planning & building regulations.

Chief Accounts Officer

Chief Accounts Officer is normally deputed by the State Finance Department, deals with and looks after all financial matters of the Corporation. He also functions as Financial Advisor and Drawing and Disbursing Authority of the Corporation. He is assisted by the Assistant Accounts Officer and other subordinate staff.


The Secretary functions as the Secretary of the elected body of the Corporation, and is Member-Secretary of all Statutory Committees. Under the Corporation Act he is the bridge between the Corporation and the executive. He is assisted by Chief Reporter, who makes proper reporting of the council and committee meeting. He is also known as Assistant Secretary (Council Affairs). The Secretary also has an active role in the administrative affairs, and functions as sanctioning authority of pension cases and general provident fund cases. Besides he functions as Electoral Registration Officer for election related work, and Departmental Vigilance Officer.

Senior Administrative Officer

The Senior Administrative Officer is the senior level administrative officer dealing with general and personnel administration of the Corporation. The officer manages the O&M, HRD, administrative reforms & reorganization.

Veterinary Officer

1. Control/ inspection of livestock at Livestock check post/ monitoring health status of livestock imported from other states for slaughtering within the city limits
2. Maintenance and functioning of slaughter houses.
3. Inspection of private slaughtering places/ butcher shops/ poultry outlets and illegal slaughtering.
4. Maintenance of cattle pond/ impounding of stray animals and imposition of fine on such livestock owners leaving their animals stray on roads.
5. Animal birth control and anti rabies programmes- population management of stray dogs.
6. Redressal of complaints on account of stray/ aggressive and rabid dogs/ animal menace.
7. Registration of pet animals/ regulation and control of pet dogs.

Health Officer

Every function relating to health and sanitation is being looked after by the Health officer. The Health Officer is being assisted by Municipal Veterinary Officer in respect of veterinary matters, Food Inspectors in respect of PFA Act. He also functions as Registrar Births and Deaths in Srinagar.

Divisional Town Planners

In the Corporation set up presently there are two Divisional Town Planners, below Joint Commissioner (Town Planning), who look after the building permission activities in the Srinagar City. The Divisional Town Planners are assisted by the Assistant Town Planner, Town Planning Assistant and the Draftsmen besides the Building Section.

Executive Engineers

Presently the Corporation has two Civil Works Divisions headed by two Corporation borne officers, who supervise and execute all developmental works and activities under various schemes/plans, creations of assets for the Corporation, development of parks within their respective jurisdictions under the supervision of Joint Commissioner (Works). They are assisted by Assistant Executive Engineers, Assistant Engineers and Junior Engineers, Works Supervisors and the other subordinate ministerial staff.

Executive Engineer (Mech)

The Mechanical Division and the Municipal Work Shop of the Corporation is being looked after by the Executive Engineer (Mech). He is assisted by the Assistant Executive Engineer (Mech), Junior Engineer and other subordinate staff.

Chief Khilafwarzi Officer

He is responsible for regulation of building activities ind the field, both authorized and unauthorized. For removal of encroachments, unauthorized occupations or unauthorized constructions, he has a team of officers to assist like Khilafwarzi Officer and Additional Khilafwarzi Officers, and a group of demolition squad members having the technique of demolition of structures, besides mechanized dozers.

Chief Revenue Officer

Revenue is the back bone of the Corporation which is being looked after by the Chief Revenue Officer, assisted by the Revenue Officer, Additional Revenue Officer, Assistant Revenue Officer and other subordinate staff, besides Estates Officer in respect of municipal properties and estates.

Chief Sanitation Officer

The officer is senior officer responsible for supervision of city sanitation. He is assisted in his work by the two Municipal Sanitation Officers and Compost Officer.

Purchase Officer

Every kind of purchases, which are being made for the corporation are being processed and looked after by the Purchase & Procurement Officer, before and after these are approved by the respective Standing Committees

Stores Officer

The Stores Officer looks after different stores i.e. Mechanical Store, Conservancy store, electric store, central store. The records to this effect are being maintained by the respective store keepers.

Sr. Informatics Officer

The officer is looking after the computerization of the corporation, instituting solutions for administrative areas and presently undertaking office-automation with effective useof information technology in the Municipal administrative areas. Besides looking afterthe human resource development and is arranging and imparting training to municipal staff. He also functions as Nodal Officer for e-Governance of the Corporation.

Sr. Law Officer

He is responsible in dealing, defending and conducting the cases instituted by and against the Corporation in various courts and forums through the services of a team of legal counsels. He is assisted by the Law Officer, Legal Assistant and the subordinate staff.

Public Relations Officer

For redress of grievances of the general public the problems are brought by him to the notice of concerned officers. All advertisements/notices are issued through him to the press and electronic media.

Transport Officer

Transport Officer looks after management of all Municipal Transport fleet. The transportation of city refuse through transport fleet is his responsibility and duty. He is assisted by Inspector Vehicles, Yard Master and Deputy Yard Master.

Solid Waste Management Officer

The officer holding the post looks after the solid waste management in the City of Srinagar. The tenacious job of dumping site falls within his domain.

Assistant Secretary (Personnel)

The service record of all the Municipal born officers and employees is being maintained in the two establishment sections supervision of Assistant Secretary (Personnel). He is being assisted by the subordinate staff deployed in the two sections.

Assistant Secretary (General)

Every kind of general function in administration including surveys, census, government correspondence, etc. is being looked after by the officer.

Section Officers

Since SMC is local government, it has multifarious functions and about two dozen Branches and Sections. Each Branch is supervised by two Section Officers and each Section by one Section Officer. They are the first officers in the Section who supervise the subordinate staff and function as a link between the higher officers and subordinate staff.

Ward Officers

The Ward Officer is head of the ward and is responsible to coordinate between various agencies and for implementation of the decisions taken at higher level for providing of better civic amenities to the citizens of City. Besides they are also responsible to supervise and control collection of revenue in respect of rent of Municipal assets, taxes in respect of different trades and to keep watch/vigil over the building activities in their respective jurisdictions. The Ward Officer is assisted by Building Inspectors, Tax Inspectors, Tax Assistants, Sanitary Inspectors, Sanitary supervisors and other staff in performance of his duties and functions. The Building Inspectors are responsible to keep a watch on and identify the illegal constructions/encroachments and other building activities. Sanitary Inspectors/Supervisors are assisting the Ward Officers in supervising the maintenance of sanitation within the ward through the Safai-karamcharies deployed in the particular ward/area